Wickham Festival 2022 will be our 16th birthday (including two years at Stokes Bay & 2020 cancelled).  We’re extremely proud of our history and how the event has grown over the years into what it is today.  There have been some incredible artists and highlighting a few favourites is impossible.  So instead in this section you’re able to see all the line-ups we’ve had over the years.  We thank all those artists and everyone that has attended Wickham Festival since we began.

Our website has grown with the festival and  has seen a lot of changes.  We’re constantly working to keep it up-to-date…


In 2015 we rebuilt our website to include profiles of upcoming artists so you can do all your research right here.

It seemed a waste to remove these artist pages, so instead we’ve introduced an archiving system so that anything we add never gets lost.  For our most recent events you can read artist profiles, festival reviews in the media, galleries and more. We hope to keep those memories of some wonderful weekends alive, and look forward to many more.

Below is a complete A - Z list (past and present) of all artists that we've compiled a profile page for since 2015

10cc  (2013, 2015, 2017, 2022)3 Daft Monkeys  (2017, 2019)60th Parallel  (2017)Admiral Fallow  (2022)Alabama 3  (2019)Alan Burke  (2019)Alistair Goodwin Band  (2016, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2022)Alistair Russell  (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021)Allan Yn Y Fan  (2018)Amy Goddard  (2017)Andreas Tophøj & Rune Barslund  (2022)Andy Fairweather-Low & the Low Riders  (2015, 2017)Baka Beyond  (2019)Banjo Vie  (2015)Banter  (2017, 2022)Beans on Toast  (2021)Bella Gaffney & Polly Bolton  (2018)Bemis  (2017)BeX  (2017)Billy Bragg  (2015)Black Kat Boppers  (2018)Blazin’ Fiddles  (2016, 2019)Blue Rose Code  (2022)Blyth Power  (2017)Boo Hewerdine  (2017, 2018)Breabach  (2019, 2022)Brighde Chaimbeul  (2017)Bruce Foxton and From The Jam  (2016)Burnt Ice  (2017)Calvin Thomas  (2016)Capercaillie  (2021)Cara Dillon  (2019)Carlos Nunez  (2015)Charlie Cunningham  (2015)Chas & Dave  (2016)Cherish The Ladies  (2016)Chris Difford (“Squeeze”)  (2022)Chris Ricketts  (2021)Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley  (2017)Chris Wood  (2016, 2021)CoCo and the Butterfields  (2021)Cut Capers  (2022)Daniel Eagle  (2016)Daoirí Farrell  (2018)Dave Giles  (2022)De Temps Antan  (2015)Deacon Blue  (2021)Dervish  (2019)Dreadzone  (2019)Drever McCusker Woomble  (2018)Duncan Chisholm  (2017, 2021)Eddi Reader  (2016, 2021)Edward II  (2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2021)Elephant Sessions  (2019)Eliza Carthy & The Restitute Band  (2021)Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band  (2015, 2017)Ewan McLennan  (2016)Fairport Convention  (2021)Fake Thackray  (2018, 2019)Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party  (2017)Feldspar  (2015)Ferocious Dog  (2017, 2018, 2022)Findlay Napier  (2018)Fisherman’s Friends  (2017)Flook  (2018)Flutatious  (2021)Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls  (2019)Gadarene  (2021)Gary Stewart’s Graceland  (2021)Gavin Marwick’s Journeyman Spectacular  (2015)Gaz Brookfield & The Company of Thieves  (2017, 2018)Gerry Colvin  (2021)Gibb Todd  (2017, 2018, 2019)Gilbert O’Sullivan  (2019, 2022)Gilmore & Roberts  (2017)Gnoss  (2019)Gordie MacKeeman & his Rhythm Boys  (2018)Gordon Haskell  (2019)Grace Petrie  (2019, 2022)Graham Nash  (2019)Gretchen Peters  (2016)Hattie Hatstar  (2018, 2019, 2021)Hayseed Dixie  (2005, 2016)Hò-rò  (2018)Holy Moly and the Crackers  (2016, 2019)Huw Williams & Maartin Allcock  (2015)Imar  (2017, 2018)India Electric Co.  (2021)Jack Cookson  (2016)Jackie Leven Tribute  (2016)Jackie Oates & John Spiers  (2021)Jamie Smith’s Mabon  (2019)Jim Cregan ‘Cregan & Co’  (2021)Jim Malcolm  (2018)John Illsley of Dire Straits  (2018)John Jones & The Reluctant Ramblers  (2019)John Otway  (2017, 2021)Johnny Kalsi – DJ Set  (2022)Jon Benns  (2021)Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings  (2018)Jonny Moody  (2021)Judy Collins  (2019)Just Millie  (2016)K-Passa  (2017)Kate Rusby  (2018)Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman  (2021)Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening  (2019)Kathryn Tickell and The Side  (2015, 2016, 2017)Keston Cobblers Club  (2016)Kitty Macfarlane  (2021)Kodiak Jack  (2016)KT Tunstall  (2017)Lau  (2017)Le Vent Du Nord  (2016, 2019)Les Barker  (2012, 2015, 2017, 2018)Level 42  (2019)Levellers  (2017, 2022)Liam O’Maonlai & Peter O’Toole  (2021)Lil’ Jimmy Reed  (2019, 2022)Lindisfarne  (2016, 2019, 2021)Lisbee Stainton  (2015)Los Pacaminos feat. Paul Young  (2022)Lucinda Williams  (2019)Luka Bloom  (2014, 2015)Luke Daniels  (2019)Lynched  (2016)Mad Dog Mcrea  (2018)Maggie Bell & Dave Kelly  (2018)Maia  (2017)Mancunia  (2017)Mànran  (2016, 2021)Mark Handley  (2017)Martha Wainwright  (2022)Martin Carthy  (2015, 2019)Martin Simpson  (2021)Martyn Joseph  (2018)Mary Coughlan  (2018)Matthews Southern Comfort  (2019)Mawkin  (2016)Maz O’Connor  (2022)Megson  (2015, 2021)Merry Hell  (2016, 2018, 2021)Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston  (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)Mischa Macpherson Trio  (2016)Moulettes  (2013, 2015)Moya Brennan  (2021)Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmonds  (2017)Naomi Bedford & The Ramshackle Band  (2022)National Youth Folk Ensemble  (2019)Nick Lowe  (2021)Nick Parker & The False Alarms  (2019, 2021)Nick Tann  (2018)Nine Below Zero  (2021)O’Hooley & Tidow  (2016)Old Blind Dogs  (2021)Old Man Luedecke  (2019)One for the Road  (2017)Oysterband  (2016, 2017, 2022)Panatical  (2019, 2021)Peat and Diesel  (2021)Peatbog Faeries  (2017, 2021)Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers & Bobby Valentino of ‘The Men They Couldn’t Hang’  (2015, 2018)Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin  (2017)Pierce Brothers  (2018)Police Dog Hogan  (2018)Polly and the Billets Doux  (2016)Pronghorn  (2017)Rachel Croft  (2021)Rachel Newton  (2019)Ralph McTell  (2019)Ray Cooper  (2017)Reg Meuross  (2018)Richard Morris  (2016)Richard Thompson Electric Trio  (2018)Robb Johnson  (2019)Roger Chapman Family & Friends  (2018)Roseanna Ball  (2015)Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton’s Symbiosis  (2019)Ross Couper & Tom Oakes  (2017)Roy Bailey  (2015, 2016, 2018)Rumer  (2022)Ryan Young  (2018)Ryan Young & Jenn Butterworth  (2019)Saltfishforty  (2016, 2018)Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys  (2019)Seth Lakeman  (2006, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021)Seven Little Sisters  (2015)Shamus O’Blivion & The Megadeath Morrismen  (2015)Sharon Shannon Band  (2015)Show Of Hands  (2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022)Siobhan Miller  (2019)Skerryvore  (2016, 2021)Skinny Lister  (2019, 2022)Skipinnish  (2018)Slim Chance  (2013, 2016, 2022)Sound of the Sirens  (2018)Spiers & Boden  (2022)Squeeze  (2018)Stanley Jordan  (2019, 2021)State of the Union  (2019)Steeleye Span  (2006, 2016)Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel  (2004, 2012, 2015, 2018)Steve Knightley  (2019, 2022)Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe  (2017)Swan Samba  (2022)Swill Odgers  (2022)Talisk  (2017, 2018, 2021)Tankus the Henge  (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2021)The Afro Celt Sound System  (2019)The Askew Sisters  (2015)The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican  (2019, 2021, 2022)The Blues Band  (2018)The Bullet Catchers  (2022)The Celtic Social Club  (2022)The Chair  (2016)The Cobhers feat. Luke Daniels  (2022)The Dhol Foundation  (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022)The East Pointers  (2018)The Electric Swing Circus  (2017, 2018)The Emily Askew Band  (2018)The English Fiddle Ensemble  (2022)The FOS Brothers  (2022)The Gary Fletcher Band  (2016, 2018, 2022)The Gerry Colvin Band  (2018)The Goat Roper Rodeo Band  (2017, 2021)The Gren Bartley Band  (2015)The Hut People  (2015)The Kiefer Sutherland Band  (2019)The Longest Johns  (2022)The Marching SKAletons  (2021, 2022)The Mary Wallopers  (2022)The Men They Couldn’t Hang  (2017, 2019, 2022)The New Cranes  (2019)The Outcast Band  (2018)The Outside Track  (2019)The Proclaimers  (2005, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2019)The Red Hot Chilli Pipers  (2016, 2018)The SAS Band – Spike’s All-Stars  (2016, 2021)The Saw Doctors  (2008, 2022)The Selecter  (2017)The Sharon Shannon Trio  (2022)The Slambovian Circus of Dreams  (2022)The South  (2015, 2018, 2021)The Spooky Men’s Chorale  (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022)The Stranglers  (2016)The Trevor Horn Band  (2016)The Trouble Notes  (2022)The Undertones  (2018, 2022)The Waterboys  (2022)The Young ‘Uns  (2016, 2021)three)(fold  (2017)Tidelines  (2021)Tim Edey  (2018, 2021)Tinderbox  (2015)Tom Robinson & Band  (2015, 2018)Tony Hadley  (2016)Town of Cats  (2022)TRADarrr  (2016, 2019)Treacherous Orchestra  (2019)Van Morrison  (2021)Vishtèn  (2018)Wilko Johnson  (2015)Will Pound  (2021)Will Pound & Eddy Jay  (2019)Will Varley  (2022)Winter Wilson  (2019)Winters Hill  (2016, 2017, 2019)Wizz Jones  (2017)Yves Lambert Trio  (2022)