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Joshua Burnell

In one phrase? Folk-fused baroque ‘n’ roll for the modern world.​

Born and bred in (well, he’s not sure where) Joshua learned at an early age that ‘home’ could be found in music, rather than a place. An upbringing on the move led to a cross-pollination of styles, stories and influences which Joshua distils into his own contemporary sound. As a self-professed album artwork addict, Joshua’s work delivers a dose of escapism and entertainment in equal measure, from the artwork through to the last note.

Having cut his teeth playing folk festivals throughout the UK and releasing his critically-acclaimed arrangements of traditional songs, Joshua now returns to his original songwriting roots.

With music ranging from stomping, acoustic sing-alongs, Bowie-esque music hall epics, and alt-pop singles – whilst keeping a sharp focus on the traditional themes – Joshua is fast carving out his own unique corner of the genre.

​Following a summer of festival appearances, including Cambridge Folk Festival, Manchester Folk Festival and Sidmouth Folk Festival, Joshua and his 5-piece band toured the major cities of the UK, delighting audiences in Glasgow, York, London, Milton Keynes, Bristol and Brighton amongst others.

With further major festival appearances in the pipeline, Joshua’s rapidly growing fanbase waits in anticipation of his upcoming album of original material, Glass Knight, and accompanying tour in 2023.

Joshua is releasing his upcoming album, “Glass Knight” this coming August.

Ckick here to listen to his new single today “Looking Glass” which is the first single from the upcoming album, “Glass Knight”.

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