Tony Christie

One of his most memorable songs, (Is This The Way To) Amarillo, was famously brought to a new generation by comedian Peter Kay. Since then, Tony has enjoyed somewhat of a revival, sparking renewed interest in his extensive career as one of the most popular UK singers around. Tony enjoyed his first taste of commercial success back in 1971 when his track Las Vegas took the British charts by storm. Written by famous songwriters Peter Callander and Mitch Murray, the song was instantly recognised for its great songwriting. This success was followed up with the songs I Did What I Did For Maria and Is This The Way to Amarillo, which brought him further attention.

In 1972, Tony’s performance of Avenues and Alleyways was included as the soundtrack to the British action thriller The Protectors, marking Tony’s first feature in the world of television. His most famous song of this era, Is This The Way To Amarillo, would go on to become his most notable commercial success. By 1972, the record had sold over a million copies, earning itself a gold certification in the process.

Not long after, Tony began to enjoy popularity as a talented performer on the international stage. As a result, Tony came to make an appearance at The Golden Orpheus, a music festival held in Bulgaria. The success of his performance there saw the live show released as a full-length record, further increasing Tony’s popularity. Over the next several decades, Tony enjoyed a rewarding career on the European mainland, recording several notable albums in Germany alone.

Tony’s musical output came to enjoy somewhat of a resurgence when his song Is This The Way to Amarillo was featured on Peter Kay’s comedy series Phoenix Nights. As a result of this renewed appreciation for his work, the song was re-released in aid of Comic Relief. The song stormed the British charts yet again, reaching the very top of the UK charts. When Tony re-recorded the song several years later, he was eventually awarded the freedom of Amarillo, Texas, proving the success of his song with the city’s population. Always eager to further hone his craft, Tony continues to build upon his status as one of the most famous British singers around.

Over the course of his career, Tony has performed a vast array of memorable songs – many of which remain popular to this day. He has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, continually finding new audiences through his thrilling performances. In doing so, he continues to enjoy vast popularity as an ideal choice for corporate events and music venues alike.

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