Shamus O’Blivion & The Megadeath Morrismen

Shamus O`Blivion have been plying their trademark super fast jigs and reels and powerful folk rooted songs at festivals and music events across the country and occasionally in mainland Europe since 1989.

Their mission is simply to make people dance and laugh. When you walk away from a Shamus O`Blivion gig dripping in sweat with a huge grin on your face, they consider it ‘Job Done !’.

Not easily pigeonholed, their music appeals to all ages and tastes , they are not limited to one type of venue or event. Audience participation is insisted upon, to which end they furnish the audience with colourful morris dancing sticks to aid the raucous dancing and frolics. Bounding on stage like five real life cartoon characters their performance is humorous, colourful and theatrical.

This band mean business and their business is FUN !

Shamus O’Blivion & The Megadeath Morrismen lineup:

  • Mick – Accordion & Vocals
  • Mel Gardner – Bass Guitar ,Electric Guitar, Whistle
  • Steve-the-fiddle – Violin , Bass, Vocals
  • Dave (Wolfie) Moon – Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Vocals
  • Paul Rhodes – Drums

Day: Friday

Stage: T.B.A.

Time Slot: T.B.A.

Artist line up so far for friday...