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Fleetwood Collective

Fleetwood Collective is a collaboration between some of Southampton’s finest musicians who have taken on the joyous task of meticulously recreating the Fleetwood Mac live shows, from their glorious peak in the 1970s and 80s.

Songs featured in the set include all the classic fan favourites such as Rhiannon, The Chain and Go Your Own Way, as well as hidden gems, solo hits and album tracks, along with one or two surprises from the early years.

The band really put their focus on the music. The guitar tones, the intriguing song structures and the 3-part harmonies that helped elevate Fleetwood Mac to worldwide adoration are lovingly and painstakingly recreated here.

Fleetwood Collective’s mission is to deliver the music of Fleetwood Mac with the same passion and dedication to performance that the real band did in their heyday.

Click here to purchase tickets to watch Fleetwood Collective at Wickham Festival from 7pm Thursday 3rd August.

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