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Mary Black

For the last quarter-century, singer Mary Black has been a dominant presence in Irish music, both at home and abroad. She has shared stages, tv shows and recording studios with some of the most revered performers of her time. She has also played a frontline role in bringing Irish music, past and present, to an increasingly appreciative and ever-growing global audience. The San Francisco Chronicle has described her as “One of the best interpretative singers around”.

At a time when less adventurous performers preferred to stick exclusively to the well-worn ballads from Ireland’s rich music heritage and the more obvious hits from contemporary writers, Mary explored the best work available from new composers and mined the rich seams they offered. That commitment to fresh material, combined with her unique interpretations of the songs she chooses, saw her release numerous albums that achieved platinum sales status and spawned countless hits. Indeed, one of Mary’s albums – No Frontiers – spent more than a year in the Irish Top 30!

The British magazine What Hi-Fi? considers Mary Black’s voice to be so pure that they have repeatedly used it for comparing the sound quality of different high fidelity systems. In an industry noted for its fickleness and its almost insatiable need for fresh novelties, Mary Black’s enduring successes have proven that her depth of talent and her love of singing transcend the generations, as well as national and musical boundaries too. She is indeed a real Irish treasure and her talent a gift from this small Ireland to a grateful world.

1983 – Irish Independent Arts Award
1986 – National Entertainment Awards / Best Female Artist
1987 – I.R.M.A. – Best Female Artist (Irish Recorded Music Awards)
1988 – I.R.M.A. – Best Female Artist
1992 – I.R.M.A. – Best Female Artist
1993 – Hot Press Awards – Best Irish Solo Artist
1993 – National Entertainment Personality of the Year
1994 – I.R.M.A. – Best Female Artist
1994 – I.R.M.A. – Best Irish Album / The Holy Ground
1994 – Belfast Telegraph E.M.A. – Best Irish Solo Artist
1996 – I.R.M.A. – Best Female Artist.
2000 – Irish Music Magazine – Best Female Folk Artist
2001 – Irish Music Magazine – Best Female Folk Artist
2003 – Irish Music Magazine – Best Contemp. Female Artist
2005 – Irish Music Magazine – Best Female Folk Artist
2006 – The Irish Post — Lifetime Achievement Award

For a full biography on Mary Black, read her autobiography Down the Crooked Road.  An extensive discography of Mary’s work can be found in the Discography section of her website.

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