The Dhol Foundation

Whilst some acts transfer well to TV / on-line viewing, others you can only truely appreciate live when your body shakes … we’re welcoming back The Dhol Foundation after they made such a huge impression tpreviously.  They’ve proved a real Wickham favourite so it’s another bhangra bonanza on for 2020.  These guys know how to put on a stunning show … Wickham, you want vibrant enery?  They’re back!!!  We’re not sure any other festival could claim to have a bhangra based house band.  On our opening night we’ll be welcoming some unique Indian culture to get us jumping on our feet …

Something a little out of the ordinary but a real treat as master Dhol drummer Johnny Kalsi brings his band to Wickham. Best known for their rousing performance at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, the Dhol Foundation have travelled the globe promoting the unique and indigenous sound of the Dhol drum to the masses. It is a sight and sound to behold so don’t miss it.

Dhol drums are a traditional percussion instrument from the Punjab province in the north of India, from which Kalsi originates. In London he experimented with dance beats and electronic music, which he mixes with the traditional bhangra style in his albums.  You won’t be in the doldrums with the Dhol Drum!

Day: Friday

Stage: Big Top Stage

Time Slot: 21.45 - 23.00

Artist line up so far for friday...