Ferocious Dog

Ferocious Dog will be performing at Wickham Festival 2024 on Saturday 3rd August.  They’ve been hailed as “a representation of our gut feeling, savage and merciless” and at the same time, called “folk in the grand tradition of it being the peoples sound.” Ferocious Dog, however are all those things.

Ferocious Dog has emerged as a prominent figure in the music world, renowned for their dynamic and authentic folk-punk sound that echoes the essence of Nottinghamshire. The band is celebrated for their narrative-driven lyrics that adeptly address social, political, and personal issues, striking a chord with their audience.

The journey began in 2011 with the release of their debut single “Ferocious Dog,” laying the foundation for a diverse and profound discography. Their first album, released in 2013, highlighted their dedication to storytelling, a hallmark of their musical identity.

“Ferocious dog are a very socially conscious band and their music and lyrics are designed not only to make you smile and sing along but also to make you feel something.”

Over the years, Ferocious Dog has expanded their repertoire significantly. Projects like “Ferocious Dog 3 Piece Acoustic” in 2014 and the acoustic version of “From Without” in 2017 showcased their ability to strip their music back to its core while retaining its impactful message.

Their albums, including “From Without” (2015) and “Red” (2017), have further established the band’s status in the folk-punk genre, blending poignant lyrics with engaging melodies and capturing a growing international fanbase.

The band’s commitment to exploring current issues was evident in their 2019 album “Fake News & Propaganda,” which ventured into introspective and critical territory, reflecting on complex societal themes.

In 2021, “The Hope” marked a significant milestone, highlighting the band’s expanding audience and the wide-reaching appeal of their music with its chart success.

“9/10 Earning a reputation as the UK’s most exciting Folk Punk band for good reason”
Vive Le Rock·

Their singles, such as “Hell Hounds,” “The Landscape Artist,” and the collaboration “Psychedelic Spin” with Dr. Peacock, have contributed to their evolving narrative, each revealing different facets of their artistic journey.

Ferocious Dog has established themselves as much more than a conventional band. They serve as a powerful voice for stories that are often untold or overlooked, embodying a spirit of resilience and insight. As the band continues to evolve, their unwavering dedication to producing music that is not just entertaining but also empowering and enlightening shines through. They express sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to their journey and warmly invite fans to join them as they continue to make their mark in the music world.

“This is serious social commentary with superb tunes and Dan Booth’s sublime violin takes the listener on a rollercoaster of emotion”
W.D Emsley

“Without doubt Ferocious Dog are one of the best bands on the UK folk punk circuit as they brought Rock City to life with their stomping, energetic sound. Not only are they one of the most hardworking bands around, but as their fans will testify, they are also one of the most approachable”
Nottingham Post. Kevin Cooper

Day: Saturday

Stage: T.B.A.

Time Slot: T.B.A.

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