Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is a singer-songwriter and keyboard player from Perth. Beth’s music is folk-inspired, and she sings a mix of traditional Scots songs, with her own writing. Beth was named BBC MG ALBA Scots Singer of the Year in 2022.

Thanks to a sustained indoctrination from kin, Beth has been performing since she was old enough to stand on stage. After a brief hiatus from folk music in her teenage years, (read Girls Aloud), Beth fell in love with the old songs and music she had grown up with. She found a home, singing regular floor spots at the Glasgow Star Folk club. Beth has been singing, arranging, playing and writing ever since.

Beth had a ‘breakout’ moment when she won a coveted ‘Danny’ award at Celtic Connections 2019. Beth’s love of music is not confined to folk, and she has collaborated with a number of Scotland’s finest outfits including Fat-Suit, Adam Holmes and Lewis McLaughlin. In 2022, Beth featured on ‘Gaelictronica’ sensation Niteworks’ album with hit track ‘John Riley’. Well suited to Beth’s love for reimagining traditional song, she has performed with Niteworks at several shows including the Glasgow Royal Concert hall with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Since being named BBC Scots Singer of the Year, Beth released her debut album ‘Kissed and Cried’ in Spring, 2023 which received a 5 star review from The Scostman: “Beth Malcolm brings passionate commitment to whatever she sings, her own compositions or otherwise… Judging by this debut, a glowing future beckons.”

Now officially in her ‘mid life crisis’ era, Beth has written her next album, ‘FOLKMOSIS’. Working with producer and musician Dorian Cloudsley, she plans to turn her ‘musical coming of age’ story into a show. FOLKMOSIS is woven together, track by track, by song and spoken word. It explores what is means to belong, the heartaches and hilarities of life in the big bad world, and celebrates the connections we have to land and language through our shared music. This story reminds audiences that music will always be there to bring us home when we feel a little lost.