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It’s not all about the music!

You can enjoy a wide range of family entertainment including The Digital Funfair, Fit Up Circus, The Magic Teapot, Flying Buttresses, OLB Inflatables, Folk Orc Workshops, The Travelling Talesman, Surreal McCoy, Bug Beats Disco & many others in providing entertainment across our Festival site. All are free once people are in the festival arena!

Being so close to the sea, beware of Giant Seagulls after your chips!

Enjoy the entertainers who wander freely for your amusement including the return of the Sniffer Dogs.

We always have plenty of walkabout entertainers

Fit Up

We’re delighted to say that Fit Up Circus will be back at Wickham this summer with 4 shows daily plus evening cabaret and circus skills workshops. Fit Up have proved very popular over the last few years and become a Wickham regular. Fit Up performers are Natasha McGhie and Corey Pickett. Natasha has worked in circus and theatre since a child including Big Fun, No Fit State community and Bassline Circus. Corey is a polished all-round international performer with a background in theatre. He combines circus, music and physical theatre to create an energetic and eccentric performance. From 5 ball juggling to a 5 foot unicycle, you can guarantee Corey will enthral and entertain.

Corey at Wickham Festival in 2018

They are regulars at venues such as Covent Garden and will be performing a range of their street shows during the day and a cabaret performance in the evening. We’re not entirely sure what shows they have in mind for Wickham Festival, but we sure hope the acclaimed Felicity Footloose makes an appearance. She is best described as a fruitcake that lives in the 80’s and just wants to boogie! She juggles, dances and performs daredevil acrobatics, even going as far as to hang from her toes and juggle knives hanging upside down! It’s action-packed comedy to a fabulous 80’s sound track!

Bug Beats Silent Disco

We’re delighted to have the Bug Beats Silent Disco return to Wickham. They’ll be operating from 8pm to 1am nightly.  So after the music ends on our main stages you’ll have the option of our late night comedy or a silent disco to carry on into the night. For those that don’t know, a silent disco is where a DJ plays tunes to everyone that has a set of headphones to hear the music. All you hear when walking past is the crowd singing and dancing, like this!

Bug Beats Silent Disco

The Magic Teapot

The Magic Teapot is an all-weather, totally acoustic, fireside venue designed to be flexible for all weather conditions. Over the years it has proved a very popular part of Wickham Festival bringing visitors and players of a variety of instruments together. Over the past few years, they’ve gathered together a lively crew, who welcome you into The Magic Teapot with tunes and smiles. Not only are they all singers and musicians, but they will also serve you an excellent cuppa. What is there not to like about The Magic Teapot?

The Magic Teapot has proved a very popular part of Wickham Festival not least because they serve you an excellent cuppa whilst entertaining you with music in an all-weather fireside venue.

The Digital Funfair

The Digital Funfair is one of the most original and imaginative interactive shows in the country. An evolving and growing collection of games. It encourages collaborative play, fun and entertainment.  It combines new and old technology, dance music, popular culture and stuff found lying around in the street. It is an audience led experience, which people will remember for a long time.

The Digital Funfair will be returning to Wickham Festival.

Folk Orc Workshops

Folk music is about community, sharing experiences and telling stories. Folk Orc Workshops want to bring folk music back to being about everyday people playing music together and creating a community free from the confines of any social hierarchy. There is a place for you in The Folk Orc no matter what you play or what level you play at.

The aim of The Folk Orc is to get more people playing music, and this is what their Festival Workshops are here to do. They are also there for people who already play an instrument and either want to try something different, pick up a few tips or get some experience playing with other like minded musicians whilst learning some traditional folk songs.

The Travelling Talesman

The Travelling Talesman is a spoken word narrative performer of myths, legends, folktales and the occasional poem … a storyteller!

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As always Sunday  is ‘Kilt Sunday’ at Wickham

We hope as many of you that have an excuse to wear a kilt can show off your legs.

Pack your kilt for Kilt Sunday

As well as our usual range of real ales & ciders, for the 1st time at Wickham we’ll also have craft beers from the award-winning Powder Monkey Brewery in Gosport at this August’s Festival.

We’ll have craft beers from the award-winning Powder Monkey Brewery in Gosport.