Line Up

Please note that this section lists artists who appeared at Wickham Festival 2015. When 2016 acts are announced we will update this section. In the meantime, a huge thank you to everyone listed here who made our last event such a success . . .


Artists appearing on the 'All Time Grates Main Stage'

Thursday 6th AugustWilko Johnson21.45-23.00
Andy Fairweather-Low & The Low Riders20.30-21.30
Carlos Nunez19.15-20-15
Sharon Shannon18.00-19.00
Roseanna Ball17.00-17.40
Roseanna Ball
Friday 7th AugustBilly Bragg21.45-23.00
Show of Hands19.45-21.15
The South18.00-19.15
Martin Carthy16.30-17.30
Roy Bailey15.15-16.15
Huw Williams & Maartin Allcock14.00-15.00
Charlie Cunningham13.00-13.45
Saturday 8th AugustThe Proclaimers21.45-23.00
Seth Lakeman20.00-21.15
Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band18.30-19.45
Kathryn Tickell & The Side17.00-18.15
Gavin Marwick’s Journeyman Spectacular15.30-16.45
The Spooky Mens Chorale14.00-15.00
Lisbee Stainton13.10-13.50
The Askew Sisters12.20-13.00
Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston11.30-12.10
Sunday 9th August10cc21.45-23.00
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel20.30-21.30
Tom Robinson and Band19.15-20.15
The Dhol Foundation18.00-19.00
Luka Bloom16.45-17.45
Tankus the Henge14.30-15.15
Les Barker13.30-14.15
The Gren Bartley Band12.30-13.15
The Hut People11.30-12.15



Artists appearing on the 'Bowman Ales Stage 2'

Thursday 6th AugustDe Temps Antan22.00-23.15
Banjo VieBanjo Vie19.30-20.15
Dorey The Wise18.45-19.15
Winters Hill18.00-18.30
Friday 7th AugustStone Cold22.15-23.15
Edward II20.30-21.45
Rehab Blues & Soul19.30-20.00
Lady Luck and the Late Night Players 18.45-19.15
Kris Dollimore 17.30-18.30
Destroy the Fleet 16.15-17.00
Just Millie15.30-16.00
Bel Esprit14.00-14.30
71 Chain13.15-13.45
Rebecca Hollweg12.30-13.00
Saturday 8th AugustDamn Beats22.15-23.00
Du Bellows21.15-22.00
Phil Odgers and Bobby Valentino20.15-21.00
Strumpet Town19.00-20.00
Lilo's Wall18.15-18.45
Alistair Goodwin17.30-18.00
Matt Blake16.45-17.15
Joe Rushforth15.00-15.45
Above Bar14.15-14.45
Different Place12.45-13.15
Bishops Waltham Battle of the Bands winner12.00-12.30
Sunday 9th AugustTBA22.00-23.00
Daisy Trail 21.00-21.45
Seven Little Sisters19.45-20.45
Cadet 19.00-19.30
Day of the Rabblement17.30-18.00
Small Town16.00-16.30
True Deceivers14.30-15.00
Alex RobertsAlex Roberts
Amanda Cook13.00-13.30
British Racing Green12.15-12.45


Artists appearing on 3rd Acoustic Stage

Thursday 6th AugustDan Eagle21.30-22.10
The Courtiers20.40-21.20
Marley Blandford19.50-20.30
Pompey Pluckers18.10-18.50
Friday 7th AugustTenderlore21.30-22.10
Andrew Foster19.50-20.30
The Alistair Goodwin Band19.00-19.40
Ben Rouse18.10-18.50
Calvin Thomas17.20-18.00
Andy Hawxwell16.30-17.10
Ben Harvey15.40-16.20
Amy Goddard14.50-15.30
Jim Chorley13.10-13.50
Stokes Bay Strummers12.20-13.00
Saturday 8th AugustCharles Bateman21.30-22.10
Lovibond and Lucas20.40-21.20
Andy Comley19.50-20.30
One 4 The Road19.00-19.40
Pete Christie18.10-18.50
Rob Johnston17.20-18.00
The Lowis Lanes16.30-17.10
Dave Richards 15.40-16.20
Luke Ferre14.50-15.30
The Dave Baker Project14.00-14.40
Vincent Treacey13.10-13.50
Scott Hodges12.20-13.00
Sunday 9th AugustTinderbox21.30-22.10
Electric Arms20.40-21.20
Jonas and Jane19.00-19.40
Sarah Saville18.10-18.50
Ayse Nichelle17.20-18.00
Tom and Ash16.30-17.10
Ed Goodale15.45-16.20
Shanty Singers (Tom Kelly, Pete Watkinson, Becky Perry & Hastings Shanty Singers)13.30-15.30
Nick Scanlon12.45-13.25
Southsea Community Choir12.00-12.30


All stage times T.B.C.