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History walks at Wickham Festival on Friday 4th & Saturday 5th


Building of the Meon Valley Railway in 1900, bridge over the Meon by Station Car Park

Led by expert volunteer guides, join us on our Wickham History Walks.  We know there are some history buffs that would appreciate this one and a half hour stroll around Wickham learning about our village. Wickham is special not just because of the Festival; but for its Market Square (one of the largest in England), our historic buildings,  the Mill that owes its existence to the US Navy and much more!  Wickham History Walks take place on:

FRIDAY, 4th AUGUST at 10.30 and SATURDAY, 5th AUGUST AT 10.30 – the walks cost £3.

Watercolour of the “Pre Victorian” St Nicholas Church

Please book in advance through our friends at http://wickhamhistory.org.uk or at the Wickham Village Table at the Festival. Places are limited. No unaccompanied children under 16.  Apparently Wickham of yesteryear doesn’t take kindly to vagrants & vagabonds …

Sign on “The Barracks” Bridge Street

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn all about the rich history of Wickham village from local historians that are passionate about the place they call home.

Chesapeake Mill, Bridge Street

There’s a lot to explore outside of the festival site.  Music starts at 5pm Thursday 3rd and 12 noon Friday through to Sunday.  So why not make the most of the mornings and discover our picturesque surroundings?  Please stop by the Wickham Village Table if you’re heading out and have any questions that require some well educated local knowledge.  They’re here to help you make that memory of visting Wickham with a walk your family will look back on years later.

Here is a post from last year of someone making the most of their visit to Wickham.

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    New timetable... all acts now under cover!
    Big Top stage
    Rachel Croft 5-5.45
    Tidelines 6-7
    Peatbog Faeries 7.30-8.30
    SAS Band 9-11pm

    Quay West Stage
    Kitty MacFarlane 5pm
    Tim Edey 6-6.45
    John Otway 7-8
    Nine Below Zero 8.30-9.30
    Tankus the Henge 10-11
    ... See MoreSee Less

    Comment on Facebook

    Sorry Peter Chegwin, but this is a mess. Rain and summer go hand in hand in the UK and you should have been better prepared. The men’s toilets in the camper field are without paper and soap, no sanitiser in the site gents, no lighting! What happened to the Covid safe festival! Cash only everywhere, no cards accepted! Why weren’t we told in advance? I love what you have done for music in this part of the world and past festivals, but this is not what one expects even in these strange times. And this is all before the weekend crowds arrive!

    Wickham Music Festival Thanks for your juggling act! There is still 5 hours of amazing live music ahead! Thank you😊👏👏👏👏👏

    I understand that things may be frustrating but am sure the organisers are doing all they can to sort this out. As a family of four we had tickets for 2020, rolled them over until this year and were desperately looking forward to a fab weekend with a great line up. On Tuesday our eldest son tested positive for Covid so we are now isolating at home and will miss this year's festival. As a family we would all love to be in a Wickham field, wet, knee deep in mud and dancing, rather than sat on a sofa. Enjoy your festival, make some great memories and appreciate the freedom, especially when you remember where we have all been over the past 18 months.

    Hi all. I hope Peter doesn’t mind me posting this. I know it all seems a bit difficult at the moment trying to get parked, get on site, see your favourite band etc etc. But knowing the Wickham team they will be working their collective arses off to try and rectify the issues. Maybe consider the difficulties all the artists/crew have had with zero work for the last eighteen months.... no work means no income. Peter has kept the collective spirit of artists/crew alive by putting on the festival. Just give him, the team and the stewards a little bit of love. Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday night with Edward II. This isn’t meant to be an attack, just trying to inject a little perspective. Have a fab (albeit muddy) evening and help keep the festival spirit alive.

    Abigail Rollinson yes. We waited an hour to get in and couldn’t even buy a beer. But other bar takes cash plus some food stalls but pretty annoying as had £10 between us all night b

    Realistically you should have cancelled. Wouldn’t have come if we’d realised how unprepared you were, despite forecast, and that a whole main stage would be cancelled.

    Well done for going ahead and I can see you have a lot on your plates, but the Day car park entrance was impassable at 5pm. You need to plan how cars will egress while you still have some daylight, please.

    Peatbogs were absolutely phenomenal! ❤️❤️

    Sorry to trouble you whilst are you busy but I have another gig this evening but I was wondering if I could still arrive around 2220 & catch the end of Tankus & the comedy too? Also, thanks in advance for getting the festival on.

    Please address the mud, people are falling, stressed and really anxious. The heavy footfall areas like in and out tent and toilet area are truly trecherous! No sign of mats/straw etc... Just saw a man with a stick fall, everyone is vulnerable.

    Perhaps you need to ask people not to be seated. As there is now no main stage the numbers at the tented stage are going to be huge. Be nice if everyone could see.

    No staff anywhere, no information. It rains in England in the summer. You just weren’t ready

    Verity Griffiths Philippa Scott aren’t you guys going to this?

    Have fun you two!!!😀

    Wickham Music Festival Will the comedy be on later and where will it be?

    Stewart if you’re there tonight Tankus the Henge will not disappoint!

    Why have that number of chairs allowed in the big top in these tough circumstances when it is going to be very busy 😱

    Reading the comments thank god I didn’t buy a ticket

    The music has been on for a while still a big que not good 😡

    Ha ha

    Can you tell me if the crowdfunder reception is on and if so where is it? No one knows! If it’s been postponed fair enough but just would like to know😁

    What's the official response regarding not taking card payments inside?

    Paul Anthony

    David Gussman- comments😂

    Thanks for all your hard work folks! So wonderful hearing live music again. ❤

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    It starts today. The Wickham Festival is ON! 😃 Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th August, Wickham, Hampshire. Lots of great live music & entertainment in the safe outdoors. Tickets on-sale via our website or at the gate each day (cash sales only please). www.wickhamfestival.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less

    It starts today.  The Wickham Festival is ON! 😃 Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th August, Wickham, Hampshire.  Lots of great live music & entertainment in the safe outdoors.  Tickets on-sale via our website or at the gate each day (cash sales only please). www.wickhamfestival.co.uk

    Comment on Facebook

    Can’t wait to perform Saturday!

    Have a great time! (Five years since I was there 😢)

    What’s happened to the first class showers/facilities which are supposed be on every camping field? And can we have some soap in decent ladies toilets please

    So disappointed 😞 came for my husbands birthday but waited over an hour to get in and leaving after an hour. Absolutely nothing open for children to do, main stage not open, half things advertised not on and place is a mud field. Now waiting in car park to try and get out as cars stuck. I understand u can't help the weather but this should have been rescheduled. It is dangerous

    Pretty awesome line up

    So excited to be here, al camped up and ready to see some great music Pretty please can someone sort out the loos in the quiet field, did report it to site staff but know they are busy. Thanks 🎉🎉

    Food until 02-00 am

    Great night in the campsite last night. Lets do this!

    All the best Wickham Music Festival 💙

    When does the festival site open? We were told 4pm but now being told it's delayed?

    Have a great weekend , so good to see you up and running

    On our way to Wickham Music Festival. Sooo excited

    Any updates on parking?

    Really disappointing that the organisers have cancelled so many acts which attracted me to buy tickets in the first place. Looks like Los Straightjackets have pulled out now too. Not great.

    Glad to be here but there is no beer and no ability to pay by card. Could be a sober event 😳 Wickham can you give a little update on what's occurring?

    What happened to the decent loos and showers? Only portaloos with no toilet paper or sanitiser and nowhere near enough for the number of campers here!

    I should be there but instead am stuck in hospital in Exeter - always a fabulous festival and I will be back next year

    The toilets are not flushing no loo no hand sanitizer and there are to few in the camping field . I feel Wickham promised things and have nt delivered.

    Bit disappointed with the lack of shuttle bus…we waited an hour and a half in the rain but it was a no show so decided to come home to Portsmouth and try again Tom….Is there not a shuttle bus? It says in the program every 15 mins when the festival is open?

    There's a black Volvo parked by the camping area near the big green house that has left all its windows open and it's now raining quite heavily.

    Is the opening time delayed? We just got sent back and the stewards don’t seem to know anything?

    It's a death trap for those with wheelchairs or mobility issues.

    What time can we get wristbands please?

    Best food and the cheapest in wickham festival

    does anyone know if there is breakfast at the community centre this year

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    3am Wednesday morning and our amazing Site Crew headed by indefatigable Site Manager Richard Charidge are working through the night to get everything ready for when we open tomorrow afternoon. It's going to be a great Wickham Festival. 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

    3am Wednesday morning and our amazing Site Crew headed by indefatigable Site Manager Richard Charidge are working through the night to get everything ready for when we open tomorrow afternoon.  Its going to be a great Wickham Festival.  😊

    Comment on Facebook

    Huge thanks to the hidden heroes who work so hard.

    Coming on Sunday just for the day. First time to Wickham. Very much looking forward to it!

    Well done!!! You deserve a nice hot cuppa and a good sleep now!! Can't wait for the festival. Will be up the campsite later this afternoon to pitch our tent!!. Fingers crossed for good tent pitching weather!!🤞🏕

    Wow it’s really coming together now!! Wickham Festival Crew 2021 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍

    Thank you all. We'll be on our way soon, ready to set up camp. See everyone later 😎

    Well done everyone!

    Well done, Wish you well with your event. Great to see events springing back to life.

    Have a fab time all. So jealous Babs 👶 xx


    Hoooray,well done workers.Hooray for Wickham.

    Top job.. we're on our way.

    Safe travels everyone and see you in a field in a few hours 🎶🎸🍻🌞

    Well done everyone, its going to be great!

    I'll certainly be fit by end of weekend! Wonder how many step!?? Lol

    Leaving soon so should be there for midday 🎶🎸🤘🍻🌞

    Looking forward to our Camel Camp later

    Gonna have to wait for next year and had so been looking forward to it. Too much virus around for me to risk it. Have fun everyone

    Does anyone know where the mixed camping field is yet at all please? Just want to try and avoid joining unnecessary queues 😊👍🏻

    Ps I've printed my 2020 tickets...hope these are OK at entrance?

    Travelling from Bristol tomorrow. How is the ground on site? Still dry I hope!

    We are here …lovely volunteers to welcome us in

    Triffic! All on daily B12 injections , I hope. (Arcane Woodstock reference and I hope you aren't.)

    Wickham Music Festival We’re not camping but we’re coming to the opening concert tonight. Will it be obvious where we should park? And I’m guessing it means there’ll be a ticket/ wristband exchange open? Thanks😁

    Cant wait!

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    Great to have Bug Beats at Wickham presenting the world's first socially-distanced Silent Disco with full 'COVID-Secure' measures in place ... See MoreSee Less

    Great to have Bug Beats at Wickham presenting the worlds first socially-distanced Silent Disco with full COVID-Secure measures in place

    Comment on Facebook

    Ooooooooo mmmmmmm ggggggggg. I was just thinking tonight about silent disco. Fiona Morgans Russell Martin Maureen Clapson .....I'll be here.....hope you'll be here too 🥰🥰🥰

    Absolutely brilliant. Love it. 😎

    Helen Manuel it’s back!!!!!! 😃😃😃😄🎧 xxx

    Alice Turner!

    Ivor Taylor Stephanie Taylor ooh I do like a silent disco 👏👏


    That is SO cool!

    Loooooooove this !!!!!

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