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Wickham Festival wins “Best Festival” category in The Portsmouth News Guide Awards, Hampshire!

What an incredible night we had at The Portsmouth News Culture Guide Awards winning the “Best Festival” category supported by the ever popular Victorious Festival. The Culture Guide Awards is the night that The Portsmouth News honour the best in local entertainment, from bands to artists and actors to films.

This is the second time we’ve won a Best Festival award, having previously won Best Festival (Capacity under 15,000) in the 2015 Live UK Music Business Awards. Tonight’s accolade means an awful lot to us as it’s a public vote in our local area, organized by our local newspaper. Of course we’d like to thank everyone that voted for us!

News reporter Millie Salkeld presents Peter Chegwyn and Graham Hiley of Wickham Festival with the trophy for Best Festival. Photo © Sarah Standing.

As many of you know we always support and promote our nearby Hampshire area, be it by having many local bands both signed and unsigned performing throughout the weekend, or supporting local businesses in and around the Wickham area. In 2018 we once again donated £5,000 from our Festival to the incredible Two Saints charity based in Fareham, Hampshire who do great work helping homeless and vulnerable young people in our area.

Festival organiser Peter Chegwyn handing over the cash to Hazel Newton from Two Saints.

To receive an award voted by our local community has been a real boost for our team morale! Our line up for 2019 is already strong but in the next two weeks we’ll be making more announcements so watch this space.

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    Our latest Covid-19 update. If we can go-ahead in August we will but it does depend on factors outside our control. We want to give you a 'Covid-Secure' Festival if we possibly can while allowing those who don't wish to attend the chance to rollover your tickets to 2021. ... See MoreSee Less

    Our latest Covid-19 update.  If we can go-ahead in August we will but it does depend on factors outside our control.  We want to give you a Covid-Secure Festival if we possibly can while allowing those who dont wish to attend the chance to rollover your tickets to 2021.

    Comment on Facebook

    Really appreciate these updates from the festival organisers, and that you're giving us pre-booked folk such flexibility. Thank-you. At the moment nobody knows for sure what the situation will be in 2 months, so it makes perfect sense to wait as long as possible before deciding whether the festival can go ahead and what changes are needed. It's not like we're going to plan anything else for August at the moment, we all have a space in our diary that we're reserving for our annual trip to Wickham. I'm hoping it will be possible. I'd need to be reassured it will be safe, but I'd also want to be reassured that the threat of the virus is not going to restrict the experience and adversely affect what has become our favourite annual festival. I don't envy the organisers trying to juggle all these factors. It would be awful for you to go through all this and put on a festival where few folk decide to attend, and for the festival to lose money. It's a tough call, but I'd guess most Wickham festival goers are totally supportive; if we don't get our festival this year we'll definitely be back in 2021. Take care. Roy

    Personally, we were looking forward to being there with such a great line up but, regardless of what the government might deem to be 'safe' by then, would not feel comfortable attending this year. I'm very pleased to hear that you are offering the facility to roll over tickets to 2021. Thanks.

    Any one throwing criticism at the organisers on this statement may have not fully understood the statement. IF safe it will proceed. This in itself is a decision not based on making money, it's purely on the option of being able to offer a festival to those that would wish to attend. By not cancelling earlier like other festivals it will cost Wickham Festival a significant amount of money wether they open or not. Performer contracts would have to be paid, structures and sound teams would have to be paid .. cancelling early voids a large proportion of those costs. The key thing is also that instead of taking 10 weeks to build like some other festivals, Wickham has a very quick set up timescale. It's a brave, considered statement from the Festival .. well done !!

    What is not clear or reasonable about this? From Organiser's Statement .... "Wickham is run on a voluntary ‘not-for-profit’ basis with a shorter ‘build’ period than many bigger festivals. The local licensing authority are content for us to adopt a ‘wait & see’ policy as the situation develops. Crucially, our Medical Team are able and willing to provide our usual 24/7 medical cover without taking resources away from the NHS or other emergency services. For all these reasons we can afford to wait a bit longer to see how the situation develops. We will keep alive the hope of staging this year’s Festival for as long as we can but will have to take a final decision by 1st July at the very latest." .... Thank you for keeping hope alive 😃

    Thank you for your latest statement. It gives me a faint hope still, that we can attend your great festival. You and the New Forest Folk Festival are hanging in there, when all the others are postponing. It’s inevitable that you will likely have to follow their actions, but in the meantime I’m keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🤞🤞😀 Thanks and all the best

    Wickham are plainly working their nuts off behind the scenes to have a festival this year. We have had a couple of clues about their ideas already ( no big top , reversing the layout so the stage is downhill from the audience thereby giving a better view ). They have shown that they are great communicators so why don't we wait until we see what they come up with before criticising ? Go Wickham !

    We live in Glastonbury. I drive and Taxi and festival income is a lifeline before schools break up for summer. However cancelling Glasto fest and the Godney Gathering etc..is absolutely the right thing to do. A group of us should have been heading off for the TT tomorrow. Cancelled. Gutted but right decision. My other half is a Bio Medical Scientist and works in a lab that is one of the Covid-19 testing stations. Obviously she is very clued up on the whole situation. We remember how ill Marion Rostron was and how distraught her husband Mike was. Happily all ended well. On my own instincts and common sense and my partners professional knowledge we decided back in April not to attend, despite losing a hefty wedge on a campervan deposit. If that doesn't make anyone think twice about attending then I'd rather not be crammed in a field with that particular demographic anyway. And yes, I have read the statement. Several times. Sad to not be attending but looking forward to next year. Thank you Wickham for providing the option. I wish you all well.

    I assume that tickets have already been sold. How can you make this a safer event than other ‘mass gatherings’ when it involves thousands of people and alcohol? How can you get a crowd to keep 2m apart? Can you clean the toilet facilities thoroughly after every visit? I know you are trying to be optimistic but it would seem irresponsible right now to contemplate going ahead at a time when we are being urged to use our common sense.

    kind of disappointed at the thought that actually this kind of covid soup recipe might mean that many of the at risk age musicians/audience might be better off looking a bit further forward ..:( .. I know that losing the revenue is not good for the economy, but losing the performers and audience members would be a much bigger loss. xx I hope everyone manages to stay safe. xxx

    I will wait and see if it’s decided that the festival can go ahead, what the plans are put in place and how those plans are communicated. I do recall the wet year a couple of years ago though; spring had been very wet, the rain continued, torrential rain was forecast just the week before the festival, and yet the mud seemed to be a huge surprise to the organisers. The necessary changes to the camping and site were very late, rushed and, according to the marshals I spoke to, not communicated adequately. I hope this years plans are better.

    Sorry Wickham but with so many festivals - such as Cropredy, Cambridge, Womad, Latitude, EOTR already postponed what makes you feel Wickham is different and can continue? Look at the age profile of Wickham festival goers who are particularly vulnerable to covid19 - not to mention the potential impact on neighbouring villages. Please get real, speculation on the festival being held is damaging your credibility, seriously. See you in 2021!

    I know you will be desperately hoping you can go ahead but I think you are wrong to be considering it. You cannot social distance at a festival. All other festivals have cancelled this year. What about people who won’t want to come because they are vulnerable, or just because August is definitely too soon to be standing in a crowd of people (regardless of what the government might say) - will you be refunding them?

    It would be SO brilliant if you could go ahead 🙏🙏🤞🤞

    Not often I miss this festival, however driving down from Northumberland as we do every year won’t be happening this time. Looking forward to joining you for a great weekend next year. 🤘

    I have clearly read the statement but in all honesty if Reading & Leeds are cancelled then yes this will be the only festival this year for which I can’t see happening, the mass gatherings will not shoot up in numbers before 1st July when you have to make a decision, I have made my mind up I won’t attend and the campsite is rammed each year therefore how will this work..

    How will this year’s festival be ‘smaller and more self contained this year’ to quote your comment above? I would have thought that only if say 50% of those who have bought tickets came that would make things safer. I think it’s a shame you’re protracting this, much better so cancel this year, keep staff, musicians, volunteers and not least us ticket holders, safe and well.

    Really hoping this common sense approach will see it through

    This will be a massive lift if it goes ahead! Fingers crossed it can with the appropriate measures taken.

    Brilliant words.. clear and sensible! 👌 I would love to attend the fabulous Wickham Music Festival in 2020.. 🤞🌈☀️ xxx

    Well done Wickham Music Festival, thank you for keeping us informed. A lot of people appreciate what you are doing in these unprecedented times and sincere thoughts are with you. You will be backed and supported by the majority. 🙏

    To be fair, you have enough trouble enforcing the no-chair and no-smoking restrictions in the big tops. I'm not convinced people will respect any social distancing guidelines and behave appropriately, and I'd need evidence it was going to be policed correctly before committing to going. Too many entitled idiots out there who think the rules don't apply to them 🤷‍♀️

    Thanks so much for this update. I for one really appreciate the effort and thought put into these statements to give everyone clear sound advice and enable them to make an informed decision. As for the village.. the festival brings much needed finance to the local shops. So as long as people respect the distancing-there should be no problem . I have my fingers crossed it can go ahead.

    Will never happen!! Big festivals are a no go already! Id be very very surprised if a company will insure a event with no vaccine or drug about or available on a live pandemic

    Thankyou for offering to roll over the tickets to next year. I'm happy to be one of the people who do this regardless of govt guidelines. Perhaps with enough of us being concerned about our safety and therefore reducing numbers, it may enable other people to attend in a way they feel is safe and is viable financially for the organisers.

    Can I just ask if all of the people who want the festival to go ahead are actually locals I understand people wanting it to go ahead, but I feel the safety of the village and surrounding area as we live here are more important to us than the festival ,sorry just my opinion

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    Wickham in bloom! The village square looking lovely in the summer sun on the 1st day of June. ... See MoreSee Less

    Wickham in bloom!  The village square looking lovely in the summer sun on the 1st day of June.

    The wonderful Steve Knightley at the 2019 Wickham Festival. Another great video from Stuart Barry just added to our Wickham Festival Facebook page. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuroXLnISGc ... See MoreSee Less

    Video image

    Comment on Facebook

    Lovely song indeed.

    A photo montage of some of the artists who've appeared at Wickham in recent years. Click on the photo to play. See who you recognise and tell us who've you enjoyed seeing most at Wickham over the years? And who would you like to see in the future?
    ... See MoreSee Less

    Video image

    Comment on Facebook

    About 2/3 of those artists have been epic. I'd have included Kate Rusby, Frank Turner and the Treacherous Orchestra.

    Great memories. Definitely Carlos Núñez was our favourite artist and one we were proud to perform with.

    4 years Back with Roger Taylor! ❤️

    Ferocious Dog, Tom Robinson, Tankus the Henge, and the fabulous Grace Petrie.

    Police Dog Hogan would fit in great!

    I loved Le Vent du Nord last year. I know you’ve had them many times, because Jenni knows the lads well, but it was my first time seeing them and they are just amazing.

    I recognize an awful lot of those photos :-)

    Loved Kiefer Sutherland and his band, also 10cc, Ralph Mctell and Graham Nash

    loved bellowhead ,jools holland, richard thompson, proclaimers, frank turner,lindisfarne, graham nash and gilbert. would love to see jack savoretti ,marillion,

    Roger Taylor with S AS Band. ....were amazing!!!!

    Ryan Young, Graham Nash. Tom Robinson

    Nils Lofgren

    Tony Hadley.

    Did anyone first look at this picture and think Luke Skywalkers lightsabre was cutting an old blokes head off, or was that just me?

    Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

    Ah. Lovely. See you again inshallah.🙏🏻

    Steve Earle

    Ebony Calderbank, memories eh?

    Memories! Nice one Wickham Festival

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