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Record-breaking Wickham Festival

Wickham Festival organiser Peter Chegwyn has hailed this year’s record-breaking event as the best yet.

Box office records were smashed with more than 25,000 people flocking to the picturesque site to see the Proclaimers, 10cc, Billy Bragg and 80 other acts over four gloriously sunny days.

Never too young to rock at Wickham Festival
Never too young to rock at Wickham Festival


The hot weather saw fans drink the site dry with beer running out just before last orders on the final night – and the event has already received a record number of bookings for next year.

Chegwyn said: “This has been a record-breaking festival in every sense. It has easily been our best year – the question now is how do we top it?

“We have broken all box office records, the traders did great business, we have record renewals for next year and we even drank the bar dry – and yet there was still not a hint of trouble or rowdy behaviour.

“This is the most successful festival I have run in 25 years. The new VIP area was a big success and all the car parks and campsites were full. It has truly been a bumper year.

“We were blessed with glorious weather which makes a big difference. It is almost as though someone was smiling on us this year.young

“We have had a fantastic reaction from the fans. We have had huge crowds and they have loved it. Once again, we have had no crime and no problems.

“People must have enjoyed it because so many have already booked for next year before they even know the line-up. But they know the atmosphere will be just as good and they trust us to have a good bill.

“That is a real vote of confidence but it is the reason why fans come back year after year. For many people it is the highlight of their year and from my point of view it is wonderful to see so many smiling faces.”

Rock legend Tom Robinson said: “It has been a fantastic festival and I am delighted for Peter Chegwyn who is truly a legend in this area. He is a one-off and people are very lucky to have him.

“The atmosphere here is wonderful and the reaction from the fans was amazing. I was quite moved by it.”

Tom Robinson rocking at Wickham Festival
Tom Robinson rocking at Wickham Festival

Craig Reid from the Proclaimers added: “This is the third time we have been to this event and we love it. It has a great feel about the place and people just have the best time.”

Steve Harley raised the canvas of the Big Top with a rousing version of Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) and said: “That was a fantastic reaction from the fans, definitely one of the best. They really got it and it is a wonderful feeling to see them respond in that way.”

Listen to our audio interviews here.

The event was also good for the village with business booming as fans stocked up with supplies or sampled the local wares.

Chegwyn added: “This festival has really put Wickham on the map. Now we are becoming well known we have top acts asking to play here rather than us chasing them.

“And it has been great for business locally. The site is perfectly placed because it is in a picturesque rural setting yet just 10 minutes walk from the pretty village so the shops have done a roaring trade.

“Wickham is the little village with big ideas and we have had a lot of positive feedback from people all around the world. We pride ourselves on our friendly, family feel – and once again we have delivered.”

Tickets are now on sale for the 2016 Wickham Festival priced just £100 for a weekend ticket, (a saving of £50 if booked before the end of August) from The Festival Office, 51 Russell Street, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 3JD. (Cheques payable to ‘Wickham Festivals Ltd’. Please enclose an s.a.e.). Or click here

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    Great news for campers! We have an extra 28 acres of grassed fields this year with a tarmac access road meaning everyone in caravans & motorhomes as well as in tents can camp on grass this summer. ... See MoreSee Less

    Great news for campers!  We have an extra 28 acres of grassed fields this year with a tarmac access road meaning everyone in caravans & motorhomes as well as in tents can camp on grass this summer.


    Comment on Facebook

    So disappointed I’m working all weekend this year so unable to attend. Last years was our first. I’m a festival veteran and can honestly say that wickham is one of the best out there. Brilliant weekend

    Excellent news, certainly won't miss the stubble!

    Cool me and my van wont get stuck then😉

    Wonderful news, whoop whoop

    Best news, would still come anyway despite whatever the weather throws at you

    Never been to Wickham festival do they have hookup.

    Good news, will come back now, the rain +++++ plus mud year put us off for ever

    Hurrah 👍😊

    Brilliant 👍 I’ve camped and glamped and love both ! Glamping this year, the farm shop is seriously amazing for everything xx

    That's brilliant news. Will be using our new (to us) motorhome this year after 6 Wickham Festivals in a tent and wasn't looking forward to parking on stubble. Grass will be much better. Thank you.

    Nick Lund Diane Murley Andrew Bowmer didn’t realise there was a risk of not camping on grass! Sorted it seems

    That will be great. Just hope you have put in a few more water taps 🤞

    David Bishop those steps !

    And one of the best line ups for years.

    Yay !!

    I recognise those steps. In fact I think I can see my tent!!

    Yay 🙌

    Yay !

    Mixed camping too im hoping

    That's brilliant news ! Cracked the front of my caravan last year in that ploughed field 😞

    Great news, Wickham Music Festival, could you please display a map showing location of new camping fields, many thanks.

    Will there be mixed camping -motorhomes and tents together?

    Brilliant! Better than ploughed fields.

    Ah those steps ! Remember walking to and fro the festival last year in the boiling hot weather ♥️

    That’s a huge improvement, thanks!

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    Just topped 18,000 page 'Likes'. What a great way to start the week. Thank you one and all. www.wickhamfestival.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less

    Just topped 18,000 page Likes.  What a great way to start the week.  Thank you one and all.  www.wickhamfestival.co.uk


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    Ann Gordon know what you mean! Its the same at all festivals these days!

    Have you got your ticket yet Janet Knightjanet x

    Brilliant festival, looking forward to this August. Booked the tickets as soon as got home from last year's festival and love how the tickets arrived in a Christmas card. Thank you Wickham Music Festival!

    Stephanie Loveridge this ones got a great line up. I think I may be getting me a ticket xx

    I for one ❤ Wickham Festival in every possible way! 😁 Congratulations on the page likes! Well deserved!

    Think I might get it tomorrow when I get paid xx will check my account xx

    Fantastic festival, wonderful music and so brilliantly inclusive - families, children, all ages and abilities and those unable to stand for long periods for whatever reason! Thank you Wickham, you’ve got it just right!

    It's a great smallish festival, but really needs to be renamed 'Chairfest' 🤪🤣

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    Wickham Festival: Thursday 1st August: The Proclaimers + Graham Nash + Judy Collins + Matthew Southern Comfort + Steve Knightley + Skinny Lister & more. Day & Weekend tickets now onsale from www.wickhamfestival.co.uk www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy9GmieAEaQOfficial video of The Proclaimers performing Letter From America from the album This Is The Story. Letter From America is available on 'The Very Best Of The ... ... See MoreSee Less

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    Caitlin Collins THE PROCLAIMERS 😎

    Bex Granger

    Eddie McManus

    The Proclaimers. A local band for local people!

    Stephanie Wickham will you and Rob be there? xx

    Bill Bain

    Leah Pybus I meant this one....

    Really hope you bring back the amazing Levellers soon

    Sunshine on Leath is always spine tingling.....

    Louisa do you want to go with me. Xx

    And us, Shirley Knot

    Carol Leigh

    Any times yet?

    The Proclaimers have put me off. Talentless, tuneless bastards.

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    Booked, Bought and paid for!! Bring it on!!! X

    Mark Hughes. Level 42 playing near pompey 😊👍

    Michelle Smith


    Sue Ruff

    Andy Lee

    Went last year....

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