COVID-19 Info

Please note the content below was last updated on 01/08/2021 so shows information published for our 2021 festival.  We will of course update this page for Wickham Festival 2022.  No doubt we all agree what we’d like this page to say come next August, so here’s hoping…

This year’s Festival will be a little different than usual due to COVID. We want to advise you of what we’re doing to keep you safe. Please read the following carefully and help us to help you.

What to expect:

Firstly, if anyone has any COVID symptoms please do not attend but contact the NHS and arrange to have a test.

Equally, if you have recently been in contact with anyone who is infected, or if you have been told to self-isolate, please do not attend. You can rollover your tickets to next year at no extra cost.

We know most of our audience will have already had two vaccine jabs. In line with current Government guidance for outdoor events we are not requiring you to provide proof of this on arrival but we would strongly urge everyone attending to do a Lateral Flow Test prior to leaving home, and if you get a positive result please do not attend but arrange a full test and isolate as advised. (Just because you have been double jabbed it does not mean you are not infected).

You can order Lateral Flow Tests for free from the NHS (it doesn’t hurt to have them in stock just in case you do need one). Click the link here.

If possible, please travel to the Festival in your own vehicle and avoid public transport if you can.

If camping, please follow the guidance of our volunteer stewards and either park your vehicle or pitch your tent at the requested distance away from other campers.

On arrival at the Festival you will see our arena is more than twice its normal size so there is plenty of room for people who wish to socially distance to do so. You will also see that our Main Stage 1 is an open (covered) stage this year with an enlarged audience arena so there is plenty of room for you to sit apart from other people if you wish. You are welcome to bring your own fold-up chairs or similar and ground coverings but please no tables or lanterns.

Please respect the space of other festival-goers and remain with your own family and friends as much as possible.

When exchanging your tickets for wristbands our staff will ask you to put your own wristbands on this year.

There will be ‘one way’ entry and exit systems for the arena, also one way queuing systems for the bars, toilets and food outlets. Please adhere to them and respect the space of other people around you.

Bars & food outlets will be front-serving. Credit/debit cards will be encouraged but cash will still be accepted.

We have more toilets than usual including as many single-use cubicles as possible. All will have hand sanitiser and will be cleansed at regular intervals as will our campsite showers.

There will be free hand sanitiser stations positioned throughout the arena and campsites, also more wash stations and water standpipes. Please make use of them. Water standpipes are drinking water unless marked otherwise.

We do still have some tented structures including our Main Stage 2 and the Quay West Cave stage but all will have at least 50% of the sides raised to improve ventilation and also to allow viewing of artists from outside each tent if you would prefer not to enter within. Mask-wearing is encouraged within tented structures but is not compulsory. We would ask you to please respect other people’s space at all times.

In case of inclement weather, please bring suitable clothing and waterproof coverings with you. Umbrellas and other coverings will be allowed in the arena. We reserve the right to restrict entry to tented structures if we need to prevent over-crowding.

Our First Aid Post in the arena will be staffed at all times the event is open to the public . We will also have 24/7 First Aid coverage on our campsites. If you feel ill or exhibit any symptoms of COVID at any time, please either leave the site or seek First Aid advice without delay. We will have self-test kits available at the First Aid Post.

Lastly, we still want you to enjoy yourself! We’ve kept rules and regulations to a minimum but those in place are for your own safety and the safety of everyone else attending the Festival so do please abide by them. Thank you.

In summary these are some key points to note:

  • Our arena is more than doubled in size so there’s plenty of room for all who wish to socially distance.
  • Our main stage Big Top has been replaced by an open air stage this year so you can sit in your own chairs or stand with plenty of space and fresh air around you.
  • We will have hand sanitiser points throughout the site; lots more water standpipes & hand wash stations; more toilets (most of them single occupancy and all equipped with hand sanitiser); one way queuing systems for toilets, bars & food outlets; regular cleansing of toilets, bar surfaces etc.
  • Although we are an outdoor Festival and outdoors is much safer than indoors, we would ask you to still wear a mask in any indoor structures such as trade stall tents.
  • We are not requiring you to provide proof of two vaccine jabs on arrival but we would strongly urge everyone attending to do a Lateral Flow Test prior to leaving home.

Please respect the personal space of others. We want everyone to enjoy a safe event in an outdoor environment. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our Festival can go-ahead this summer when many others have been forced to cancel so please respect and adhere to our rules & regulations this year as they are there for your safety.

If you are unable to attend this year due to health concerns or having to self-isolate, you can rollover your tickets to 2022 at no extra cost. To do this, please email so we can advise on the procedure for returning unusued 2021 tickets so new tickets can be issued for 2022.