Molotov Jukebox

Making their Wickham Festival debut on Sunday 6th 2017 will be Molotov Jukebox who are a six-piece, genre dodging, leviathan of an experience.  This is a melting pot of talented muscians that incorporate the best solid and creative rhythm section this side of Jamaica with trumpet, accordion, violin and the sultry tones of lead singer Natalia Tena.  We’re very excited to introduce this band to our audience and a perfect match for our festival. This band will bring the atmosphere of a South American carnival and we want you on your feet to appreciate their performance.  You’ll come to Wickham expecting to enjoy the bands you know, but then get blown away by artists you’ve never come across before. This is a band born out of love … love of each other, love of music and a love of making people dance until they drop … we’re sure you’ll feel the love too. A perfect act for our closing day for everyone to leave on a high!

Molotov Jukebox consists of

  • Natalia Tena – lead vocals, accordion
  • Sam Apley – violin, vocals
  • Adam Burke – rhythm guitar
  • Tom Wilson – bass guitar
  • Angus Moncrieff – trumpet
  • Max Burnett-Wain – drums

Natalia Tena who sings and plays the accordion maybe more familiar to some as an actress who has appeared in The Harry Potter film series and the HBO series Game of Thrones. Molotov Jukebox were founded when she met her spouse Sam Apley who plays the violin. When they play we’re sure Wickham will dance! Their catchy melting of gypsy dance, up-beat reggae and funk lunacy married with pop choruses will surely get our festival on their feet.

Causing a riot from the UK festivals all the way to Brazil, here is a band with almost universal appeal. Innovatively blending such diverse style’s as gypsy, samba, ska, dubstep, swing and anything else you care to mention, all in their own inimitable style, the unique sound of this band has been christened “Gyp-Step” and is guaranteed to make everybody dance.

The band released their debut album Carnival Flower (2014), in Spring 2014, featuring their single “Neon Lights”. Their second studio album, Tropical Gypsy (2016), was released on April 15, 2016 and was preceded by its lead single, “Pineapple Girl”. Click here to purchase their albums or official merchandise.

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Day: Sunday

Stage: T.B.A.

Time Slot: T.B.A.

Artist line up for sunday...